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I. Rewrite these sentences in the passive voice:
1. Everyone knows this fact very well.
2. You must write the answers in ink.
3. They opened the theatre only last month.
4. Did they say anything interesting?
5. People will soon forget his name.

II. Complete the sentences with a passive construction, using the verbs given in the form suggested:
1. Much of London (destroy) by fire in the 17th century. (Past Simple)
2. The man who (bite) by a snake (give) a serum. (Past Perfect; Past Simple)
3. Many slums (demolish) to make way for new buildings. (Present Continuous)
4. The police (instruct) to take firm action against hooligans. (Present Perfect)

III. Use the words in the list to complete the gaps. You will need to use one of the words twice.
despite in spite of whereas although nevertheless even though
……(1)………the fact that Kelly had lots of homework to do, she agreed to go shopping with her friend Justine. Justine loved to buy wild clubbing clothes, ………(2)……… Kelly was more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. ……(3)……. the rain, they set off on Saturday morning for the town centre. Justine, as always, had far more cash than Kelly. ………(4)………, Kelly had an eye for a bargain. Lunch time found them happy and hungry at the local burger bar. ………(5)……… they’d spent nearly all their money, there were still a few shops that Justine wanted to visit (………(6)……… she’d promised to be frugal), and ………..(7)……….. having aching feet, they managed a couple more hours’ shopping.

IV. Join the sentences, using which, who, whose:
1. They have two children. They are still at school.
2. His latest play has been a great success. It was well reviewed by the critics.
3. The man immediately reported the theft. His coat had been stolen.
4. We came within sight of Everest. The summit of Everest attracted so many climbers.
5. Some London policemen were sent to America on a goodwill visit. They are well known for their politeness and helpfulness.

V. Write an application letter in reply to the following advertisement:

Required Tuesday and Thursday 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. Qualifications preferred or willing to train.

VI. Comment on the following two oppositions in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by W. Shakespeare: reason versus love; reality versus illusion. Refer to characters and incidents from the play. (250 – 300 words)

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