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I. Rewrite these sentences in the passive voice: (10 points)
1. Everyone knows this fact very well.
2. You must write the answers in ink.
3. They opened the theatre only last month.
4. Did they say anything interesting?
5. People will soon forget his name.

II. Complete the sentences with a passive construction, using the verbs given in the form suggested: (10 points)
1. Much of London (destroy) by fire in the 17th century. (Past Simple)
2. The man who (bite) by a snake (give) a serum. (Past Perfect; Past Simple)
3. Many slums (demolish) to make way for new buildings. (Present Continuous)
4. The police (instruct) to take firm action against hooligans. (Present Perfect)

III. Join the sentences, using which, who, whose: (10 points)
1. They have two children. They are still at school.
2. His latest play has been a great success. It was well reviewed by the critics.
3. The man immediately reported the theft. His coat had been stolen.
4. We came within sight of Everest. The summit of Everest attracted so many climbers.
5. Some London policemen were sent to America on a goodwill visit. They are well known for their politeness and helpfulness.

IV. Choose the correct answer: (20 points)
1. The campaign to stop drink driving was very well ……… at Christmas.
A publicized B advertised C announced D marketed
2. Ways of being polite ………. The culture of the society which uses them.
A translate B communicate C express D reflect
3. The Council for Racial Tolerance receives thousands of complains a year and ……… many of them.
A focuses B bans C upholds D grants
4. There was a long and ……….civil war before the rebels were finally defeated.
A tangled B bitter C intricate D ruined
5. When travelling by air, always give yourself at least one hour to ……….
A get on B check in C touch down D check out
6. Lying to your own advantage is generally regarded as …………
A amoral B illegal C flamboyant D immoral
7. After I leave school, I’m going to spend a/an ……… year travelling before going to university.
A free B out C open D gap
8. People who work in advertising need to be able to think up catchy ……….for their products.
A scandals B campaigns C slogans D techniques
9. The ………… majority of people still hope to get married and raise families.
A vast B major C main D ever- lasting
10. Michael and I just………for hours without noticing the time pass.
A debated B talked C communicated D discussed

V. Choose one of the quotations below and bring arguments for and against it. You may refer to characters and incidents in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”:(40 points)
“Life is a dream” (Pedro Calderon de la Barca)
“Love is blind” (proverb)
“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players” (W. Shakespeare)
“We are always insane when we are in love” (Sigmund Freud)
“The course of true love never did run smooth” (W. Shakespeare)

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