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Subiecte Examen de Admitere ENGLEZA CRP 2001


1. Translate into Romanian:
"Mitzi found her employer physically horible but she liked him and could not be cold to his attentions. Some muddle might soon have developed had it not providentially come about that Mr. Owen bagan to owe Mitzi money. One day he explained to her that he was not in a position to ay all her wages and would she accept half? A time would come, he assured her, when all would be well and she would get her money. How this time was to come, unles perhaps borne by a swift horse, was unclear to Mitzi, and she kept intending to leave and then deciding not to, because of pity, because she thought that if she hung on she would get some money whereas if she went away she would get none. Meanwhile Mr. Owen's honour forbade the continuation of attentions to a lady to whom money was owed, and his meaningful smiles ceased."

II. Translate into English:
Anton se ridica de pe scaunel. "Buna ziua, domnule Balosu, am plecat", spuse el, "Sa fii sanatos", zise Balosu cu glasul sau dinainte. "Dupa ce te mai odihnesti, treci zilele astea pe la mine, Antoane. Am ceva sa vorbesc cu tine." Anton nu raspunse.
In aceeasi zi la masa, in timp ce rupea painea, zambind senin si bland, el ii spuse Voichitii ca a primit ordin de concentrare si ca trebuie sa plece. Ea se facu galbena la fata si ramase muta, cu privirea speriata, ratacita. El o linisti si ii explica: nu era de rau, era de bine, pleca in misiune speciala. N-avea sa stea mult; sa n-aiba nici o grija, nici una, sa stea linistita la casa ei si sa-si vada de treaba. Cand o sa se intoarca? Pai o sa se intoarca repede! Daca nu se intoarce repede o sa-i scrie. Cand trebuie sa plece? Pai trebuie sa plece chiar maine dimineata, sau...ei bine, o sa stea si maine, dar poimaine trebuie sa fi plecat.

III. 1. Put the verbs in brackets in the most appropriate form:
By the time I (complete)................... my studies, I (live) ..................... in London for nearly a year. I (not think) ......................... I (stay) ..................... any longer after that.

2. Show the difference between the following pairs of sentences:
a) i. It is important that this book should be written.
ii. It is important that this book is being written.
b) i. You needn't have done it so fast.
ii. You didn't need to do it very fast.

3. Replace the underlined words with a modal auxiliary verb:
a) It is impossible that you saw her at the performance last night because she is in the mountains with her family.
b) There is plenty of time left, so it isn't necessary for them to hurry.

4. Correct the following sentences:
a) The cake has a lot of dried fruits in it.
b) It was a so boring speech that I fell asleep.
c) My parents are looking forward to meet you.

5. Rephrase the follwing sentences using the words in capitals and so that the meaning stays the same:
a) You'd better describe the missing jewels to the police. LIKE
b) She has the best pronounciation in her class. BETTER
c) Their house was half the price of ours. TWICE

6. Fill in with a suitable word or phrase:
a) Surely your ........................... exception just this once won't be a problem.
b) Only when I phoned the shop .......................................... that it was closed.

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